About Us

We are the home of several different imprints, that reflect spiritual, secular, and practical themes: Righteous Pen Publications, Apostolic University Press, Photini Press, Burning Bush Books, Remnant Words, Pride Press, Happiness House Books, the Foundations Curriculum, and Wordsmith Publications.

We know our way around a book!

With over twenty-five years of experience and a long-standing history of commitment to excellence, the Righteous Pen Publications Group is committed to your every publishing need! No matter what genre you write, we have an imprint that can match your theme and purpose. We publish all sorts of works: Spiritual, textbooks, children's books, poetry, cookbooks, devotional works, inspirational, educational, unique, hard-to-find, fiction, pocket books, biographies, and stories inspired by real life. If you have a book to publish, we are interested to work with you so you can see your dream of publication come to pass!

Here for a legacy

At The Righteous Pen Publications Group, we know what it's like to have something to say to the world. As writers ourselves, we understand the importance in having a publisher who understands not just your desire to publish, but your desire to connect with your audience. Here, we offer that connection to you: someone who knows the time, effort, and importance in the writing and publishing process.

To best tell your story - whether it is fiction, nonfiction, educational, or other - you need help in the process. Publishing is a complicated game that has become more complicated over the past twenty or so years. Many writers follow internet searches or the opinions of friends who don't know what's really right for your book. That's where we come into the picture. When it is time to edit, layout, design a cover, publish, and promote your book, all good writers need assistance. Here, we offer you years of skill, the experience of being there ourselves, and the ability to help you navigate the world of publishing for yourself.  

Whether you need a self-publish option or a full-service option, we can assist. More than just assist with the publication process, we are here to answer questions, bounce around ideas, offer suggestions, and help you take the big steps needed to publish your work. Those who have never been through it don't know what a monumental undertaking it is - nor do they know the exquisite feeling of holding your published book in your hands for the first time. Having been through it ourselves, we know what a big deal it is - and are excited and honored to participate in this journey with you, knowing you will love the end results.